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Azure Ranch is located along the southern side of the Cerrillos Hills, southwest of the City of Santa Fe, in the San Marcos Arroyo area.

  • Conveniently located, yet secluded property 

  • Rugged scenery and mining history

  • 4-5 miles of bladed interior roads plus rough cut roads

  • Remote mountain foothills and rolling arid range land

  • Rugged volcanic and sandstone formations

  • Part of the Cerrillos Mining District, a turquoise and precious metal mining area 

  • Shaped by volcanic basalt flows, eroded sandstone. San Marcos Arroyo runs through the property, giving Azure Ranch it’s primary terrain feature

  • Mature cottonwood trees and native plants

  • Four apple orchards, some dating back to the 1980s

  • 1,476 square foot 1990s manufactured home, which includes additions, 3BR/2BA, 480 sqft attached covered porch, wood-burning stove

  • One-car enclosed garage with shelving and work bench

  • Additional 504 square foot native stone masonry and wood frame structure dating originally to the late 1800s, rebuilt with additions and renovations over the past several decades, including a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom with attached 200 square foot garage/shop, 200 square foot covered porch and turquoise and native stone kiva fireplace

  • Multi-level 1,764 square foot metal shop building with insulated walls and ceiling, electrical power and plumbing, and finished office space

19 Wolf Rdapples
rockhouse front

All images copyright Chris Corrie 2021

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